Saturday, December 31, 2011

Roku - so I can have Netflix on my old TV!

My daughter is taking the Wii to college. We have old TVs. There goes my TV access to Netflix and all my British dramas! I heard the tech talkies on the morning shows touting Roku, but I forgot the word until I ran across it today. This is what I am buying with my Christmas money! As soon as Netflix streams the latest season of Downton Abbey I will be ready with my Roku! Great invention, great idea and I am ordering today. It looks to me like you either want the purple, least expensive model or the most expensive with USB, Micro SD storage and full HD. I really only need the purple Roku because my TVs are ancient (think big end sticking out the back - no flat screen here). When I get it I will update this post. Oh - they say there are tons of other free channels, games, movies. I don't care about that - just Downton Abbey but I am interested to see if I can dump cable - absolutely nothing on but reruns - and watch my Roku! Stay tuned...

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  1. Okay, I bought one and it's on the way. I killed cable because there is nothing to watch - all reruns, no "content worth consuming" and I don't have Netflix! I will report back as soon as I plug it in.