Friday, July 12, 2013

Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price)(Mac / Win)

How long I coveted having the Adobe Master Suite and now it is here in one bundle for $29.99 a month! A student of mine was using it last semester and he loved it. When I get my new computer, I am doing this. You do have to have Windows 7 and above and I am still using XP... sigh.
Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price) for Mac,Win

Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription - Monthly Price) for Mac,Win
Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (One Year Subscription Monthly Price) Produce breakthrough designs without breaking the bank. An Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition membership gives you all the tools you need to impress both your professors and future employers. Get all of the Creative Suite 6 desktop applications, online services and every new app as soon as they are released – all for a low monthly price. Whether you are working with print media, websites, mobile apps, film or music, Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the latest version of Adobe's industry leading tools that you will need to excel both as a student and as a professional. You will also be able to use Adobe's cloud based tools to collaborate and share your work with students, educators and future employers – both locally or anywhere in the world. Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition Highlights: Get access to the latest version of all of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 products and the newest services, features and workflows as soon as they are released. Master the tools, apps and services used by the professionals across multiple creative fields. With 20GB of Cloud Storage on along with device syncing, you will be able to access your creations from desktops and mobile devices. Get your foot in the door with prospective employers by publishing your personal website and electronic publications using Creative Cloud tools. Collaborate with students and educators and join a wise interconnected community of professionals, companies, students and educators Use Adobe's web hosting service, Business Catalyst, to publish your websites with ease. From simple to complex, Creative Cloud's tools will host any level of website. Use the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, included in the Cloud, to create apps and content for mobile devices without writing code. From conception to design all the way to the Apple App store, Creative Cloud gives you the tools to turn your ideas into reality and income. Be confident in your tools with Creative Cloud. Cloud users will receive not only the newest version and all upgrades as soon as they are released, they will also receive updated features between releases – making sure that that they always have the most advanced tools.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Filmmaker Chris Barrett records the first arrest captured on Google Glass

According to NPR , filmmaker Chris Barrett is one of 1000 non-developer "citizen testers" for Google Glass. He was wearing the eye camera during 4th of July celebrations in Wildwood, New Jersey and witnessed activity leading to an arrest. Tech blogs and writers are making much of the hands free filming and the ease of being a bystander while capturing the whole event. I was at first nonplus-ed about the "walking in the crowd" cell phone footage but around 2:35, it is startling when Google Glass puts you right there during the arrest. Bloggers and Barrett are right that a big video camera or a cell phone would negatively affect the pure capture of the scene. Citizen journalists will literally be policing the streets in their Google Glass.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Turnkey Video Editing System from B & H Photo - Mac Pro

I have built editing systems and I have had them built for me. Having them built is much better! It is hard to know what hardware specs go with the latest software, what new peripherals are out there to make your system run at maximum efficiency. Here is a turnkey Mac Pro system that is ready go, software, hardware, storage - open the box and create.  It has a 4TB Raid system for the safest backup and storage and the Blackmagic Ultra 4k that lets you route your media quickly and easily. For more detailed specs and information, click this link -  Turnkey Video Editing B&H Photo Mac Pro Workstation 15.4" MacBook Pro with CS6 Production Premium & UltraStudio 4K
                          Turnkey Video Editing System - Mac Pro

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Super Sale! Our favorite Sony camcorders DCR & HDR - dramatically on sale !

 We used the Sony DCR series camcorders in my high school media class for 7 years. They are absolutely the most reliable, best quality camcorders on the market. They are dramatically reduced at B & H Photo through the end of July so if you want one, hurry!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

House of Cards Changes Television Viewing Forever

We are lucky enough to be sitting in the media audience when television makes an historic change. Netflix's House of Cards is available (in all its 100,000,000 million dollar glory) all at once. Immediate delivery, no waiting a week. No commercials. Network television will change forever as of 2/2/2013. Excellent analysis here Spacey and Fincher make a house of cards

I have  been irritated at Netflix of late. I have pondered saving $7.99 a month. But I have a Roku, I cut the cord so Netflix supplies me with entertainment, mostly British series like Midsommer Murders. Netflix movies have been seriously lacking in the past year and they continue to give and take away my Midsommer episodes. In the middle of watching an episode they pulled it off the server! I called and he said no one watches Midsommer on Netflix anyway. Good customer service.

But all is forgiven with House of Cards. Kevin Spacey involves me in the story directly, I am part of the evil plot without knowing what will happen next. Superb. The editing is tight and spectacular. I have much to do in my personal life lately but like the Portlandia "One Moore Episode"  I am really tempted to do nothing but  watch Episode, 2,3,4..... (they lost everything for Battlestar Galactica - really funny)

I am always years behind everyone when it comes to movies but with my Roku, Netflix and Hulu Plus, I have my own comfortable seat in the theatre. I was recently at someone's house with 700 cable channels. I surfed and there was nothing to watch which is why I cut the cable cord. It was still the right decision. Buy a Roku, get Netflix and make 13 episodes worth of popcorn because this is the future of entertainment.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Editing Audio on your IPhone

Will wonders never cease?  I tend to be slightly behind the times when it comes to Apps and cell phones and I usually don't care. But I will be showing this fantastic app to my students tomorrow.  Voddio App from VeriCorder  lets you record and edit audio on your phone quickly and easily. Here is a great indepth article-  How one radio reporter ditched his equipment for an Iphone.

And here is that reporter demonstrating the ease of editing audio on his Iphone. Amazing.