Sunday, November 28, 2010

Best camcorder for a Christmas Gift!

We use Sony HDD camcorders in my school lab and they are great. And now they have gone way down in price! The picture is amazing, they hold a huge amount of footage and can take stills as well. Click the camera or link to see the details.

B & H Photo - your best camcorder resource

I buy all my equipment from B& H Photo. I have purchased about 50+ camcorders in the last few years, I do my research at B & H, I research prices at NexTag and I always go back to buy at B & H. They have the best camcorders, always competitive prices and I trust their customer service. They know what they are doing.

Sony 8mm, Video8 and Hi8 refurbished camcorders

I will post a longer discussion about this format soon, but if your precious old footage is on these tapes and your camcorder is broken, you can buy a refurbished Hi8, Video8 or 8MM camcorder here:
Refurbished 8MM, Hi8 & Video8
What you have to decide is whether to buy a refurbished camcorder and transfer all your old footage yourself OR send it to a duplicating company. If you have hours and hours and you want it all, it might be cheaper to buy a refurbished camcorder. Then get a Pinnacle Dazzle which will connect to your computer via USB. I know this link says Dazzle DVD but it will let you transfer to DVD OR just upload your footage to your computer so you can edit the footage.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Adobe CS5 is here! Use your academic discount at Academic Superstore to learn it fast!

The long awaited Adobe CS5 suites are now available and will be used in high school and college classes. I used Total Training while I taught Adobe Production CS3 and it is the best training out there. I also used Total Training for the students because it contains production elements, lessons and video tutorials. Use your student discount at Academic Superstore to buy the very best training on the market.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Web Plus X4 Serif Web Design Software

I am very impressed with Serif's Web Plus X4 Web Design Software, am buying it and will update here as I build websites. So far, it looks like great software. It seems to have all the features I want for style and for SEO work. I have used Serif products - DVD/CD labels and software and it's a great company so I am excited to use this new software. I made this website for abstract visual artist William H. Thielen.