Monday, July 08, 2013

Turnkey Video Editing System from B & H Photo - Mac Pro

I have built editing systems and I have had them built for me. Having them built is much better! It is hard to know what hardware specs go with the latest software, what new peripherals are out there to make your system run at maximum efficiency. Here is a turnkey Mac Pro system that is ready go, software, hardware, storage - open the box and create.  It has a 4TB Raid system for the safest backup and storage and the Blackmagic Ultra 4k that lets you route your media quickly and easily. For more detailed specs and information, click this link -  Turnkey Video Editing B&H Photo Mac Pro Workstation 15.4" MacBook Pro with CS6 Production Premium & UltraStudio 4K
                          Turnkey Video Editing System - Mac Pro

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