Sunday, February 03, 2013

House of Cards Changes Television Viewing Forever

We are lucky enough to be sitting in the media audience when television makes an historic change. Netflix's House of Cards is available (in all its 100,000,000 million dollar glory) all at once. Immediate delivery, no waiting a week. No commercials. Network television will change forever as of 2/2/2013. Excellent analysis here Spacey and Fincher make a house of cards

I have  been irritated at Netflix of late. I have pondered saving $7.99 a month. But I have a Roku, I cut the cord so Netflix supplies me with entertainment, mostly British series like Midsommer Murders. Netflix movies have been seriously lacking in the past year and they continue to give and take away my Midsommer episodes. In the middle of watching an episode they pulled it off the server! I called and he said no one watches Midsommer on Netflix anyway. Good customer service.

But all is forgiven with House of Cards. Kevin Spacey involves me in the story directly, I am part of the evil plot without knowing what will happen next. Superb. The editing is tight and spectacular. I have much to do in my personal life lately but like the Portlandia "One Moore Episode"  I am really tempted to do nothing but  watch Episode, 2,3,4..... (they lost everything for Battlestar Galactica - really funny)

I am always years behind everyone when it comes to movies but with my Roku, Netflix and Hulu Plus, I have my own comfortable seat in the theatre. I was recently at someone's house with 700 cable channels. I surfed and there was nothing to watch which is why I cut the cable cord. It was still the right decision. Buy a Roku, get Netflix and make 13 episodes worth of popcorn because this is the future of entertainment.

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