Thursday, December 27, 2012

LIVE WeatherNationTV on Roku TheNoWhereMan

I need live weather on my TV during winter. Just feels comforting to know when we will get another foot of snow. I also like to know what the weather is in all parts of the country. But I cut the cable tv cord - no live TV- I have my wonderful Roku box. I did some internet digging and found WeatherNationTV, but it took more digging to find where it is on my Roku.  Leave it to the The No Where Man (thenowhereman) to have everything every Roku owner wants. If I haven't said it to him before, I wouldn't have survived this long with my Roku without thenowhereman. CBS This Morning, local television news from all over the country, the best choices on Roku.
So if you have Roku you need thenowhereman , then go to "Featured" and you will find them - WeatherNationTV .

Someone in the forums said watching it feels like the old Weather Channel and I completely agree. My mom used to have the Weather Channel on just for company as she did housework and I adopted that habit. "And now here's your local forecast" said that great announce voice. Then the muzac rolled and some of it was excellent. WeatherNation has that same format.  Now I have it again 30 years later! Yeah!  The weather man just put his coffee cup to the green screen image of a rainbow and tried to "capture" it. Wonderful and campy-just like I like it. OH my gosh - he just called my area the "Sioux Empire" which it is exactly. They are my new favorite tv personalities.

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