Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sony 8mm, Video8 and Hi8 refurbished camcorders

I will post a longer discussion about this format soon, but if your precious old footage is on these tapes and your camcorder is broken, you can buy a refurbished Hi8, Video8 or 8MM camcorder here:
Refurbished 8MM, Hi8 & Video8
What you have to decide is whether to buy a refurbished camcorder and transfer all your old footage yourself OR send it to a duplicating company. If you have hours and hours and you want it all, it might be cheaper to buy a refurbished camcorder. Then get a Pinnacle Dazzle which will connect to your computer via USB. I know this link says Dazzle DVD but it will let you transfer to DVD OR just upload your footage to your computer so you can edit the footage.

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