Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Video Editing Software Under $100

It's time to update this post but I want to leave the 2008 choices below because Adobe's Premiere Pro still leads the pack for ease of use, affordability (with Photoshop attached) and the ability to step into the larger CS5 suite with ease.

I have students who come to my class using Sony Vegas, Pinnacle and many other great, inexpensive programs. The one thing missing from missing from Adobe Premiere are all the effects bells and whistles that make Pinnacle a great all in one program. Pinnacle gives you full menus to make wedding, family, graduation, you name it videos and all those extra graphics are really nice. But for the serious amateur or even semi-professional, Premiere still offers a solid editing platform for large projects.

Back when I first posted this "Best Video Editing Software Under $100" I had a student using the Premiere/Photoshop combo on her laptop. She worked right along with us and our CS3 Production Suite and did everything we did in class with ease.
So - drum roll please....

The #1 best video editing software under $100 is Adobe Premiere Elements at $99:

HOWEVER - I love Adobe's combo pack with Photoshop Elements for just $119:

The #2 best video editing software under $100 is Pinnacle Studio:

And they have more bells and whistles in their MovieBox version:

#3 Best Video Editing Software - Sony Vegas - listed here with educational discounts and the full blown version:

Here's the old list to show you how consistent these companies have been over the last 2 years.
2008 Best Video Editing Software Under $100

#1 - Adobe Premiere Elements 4 - Create fun movies in as little as 15 minutes!

#2 - Award-Winning Home Video-editing software - Buy Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 12!

#3 - muvee - Instant home movies in 4 easy steps. Try it now.

#4 - Roxio Buy Easy Media Creator 10 Today and Save $20 after MIR!

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