Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NEW! Pinnacle Studio Plus version 11

Pinnacle is one of the only video editing software companies that has an easy to use video converter for your home computer. It's called a Dazzle box and you can see the picture at the right of this screen. It hooks to your PC via USB and accepts your camera cables or your VHS video machine cables. Then you upload your VHS footage into your computer and edit it on Pinnacle's great Studio Plus software or Windows Movie Maker. Also the Dazzle box contains software that lets you burn straight to DVD which helps you transfer your older VHS or Hi 8 footage.
Convert and copy video to portable media players, including iPod and PSP with Mobile Media Converter!


  1. Just opened and loaded Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Didn’t take but a minute to figure how to capture the ACVHD files from my camcorder’s SDHC card. I used a USB card-reader and the software presented rows of thumbnail images which I recognized as the soccer game I’d recorded. But when I selected the edit tab I found nothing but some canned video - clearly stuff that come with the software. My soccer game was nowhere to be found.

    I spent two hours, and never did find it in Pinnacle Studio. It’s somewhere on the computer ( or at least part of it is) because I located one 5 minute piece of it with Win 7’s search function, and played it. I can’t find it with Pinnacle though. I need to edit it and burn DVDs for the coach. The lack of an obvious step from capturing to editing amazes me. Can someone help?

  2. Richard, I am sorry I didn't see your post before now. When you wrote I was starting school and it enveloped me until now. At first glance, if you couldn't see the footage I am wondering if Pinnacle would recognize the format. Sometimes when a software doesn't work with files, it won't show them. I hope you were able to edit your soccer game some other way.