Monday, April 24, 2006

Edit Home Video almost ready!

What I've enjoyed most about the past 30 years in television is teaching people eager to learn how to edit. There are many aspects of video production that I enjoy ... writing, producing, finding, researching and then telling a good story. But editing is the final control, the absolute outcome of the piece and I think the most creative part of the television process. Editing takes raw video, words and voice and weaves them into a compelling story. If the editing is bad, it can almost ruin the story. But on the flip side, if the story is bad, the editing can make it a good piece.

Teaching people about the art of creating the story visually to compliment and not overwhelm the writing is really satisfying. I've created a website, , because this is the part of my television career I enjoy the most, sharing what I've learned. I've had the priviledge of working with great professionals over the years and the tips and tricks they shared with me, I'm glad to finally get to pass along.

With video editing software prices way, way down and the ease of use way up, it's a chance for me to help church members who want to edit a fundraising video for their church, guide the technical director of a nonprofit to the best places on the web for multimedia help and show people how to create that one of kind video for their parents anniversary.

The website is new, I will update and change it until it's easy to use and full of the latest video news and information.

So thanks for visiting and please post questions and comments!

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